3mm Shortie Womens Wetsuit (Light blue/black/grey) – Osprey

3mm Shortie Womens Wetsuit (Light blue/black/grey) – Osprey

  • 3 mm neoprene on the body and 2 mm under the arms for full range of motion
  • Entirely flat locked seams and ergonomic panelling for maximum comfort
  • Stretch collar and comfortable anti rub openings to prevent chafing and water flushing
  • Wind resistant mesh panelling on chest and back offer protection from the elements



The Women’s Osprey Origin Shorty Wetsuit in blue offers a versatile shorty wetsuit with a flash of blue. This suit is ideal for surfing, wakeboarding, kayaking and other water sports.

A 3/2mm wetsuit means the Osprey Origin has panels of 3mm thick warm insulating rubber, with 2mm panels under the arms, where you need more flexibility and stretch for paddling and surfing. A 3mm wetsuit is the standard thickness for a summer wetsuit in the UK and Ireland, and a shorty wetsuit with short legs and short sleeves gives the perfect coverage to keep your core warm without getting too hot in the peak of summer.

This Osprey entry level shorty offers a great value beginner and intermediate’s wetsuit for when you no longer want to hire one from your local surf shop and think it’s time to invest in your very own wetsuit.


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