The Irish Experience


Welcome to The Irish Experience – an authentic Eco Adventure Tourism Company based on The Hook Peninsula, the cornerstone of Ireland’s Ancient East. We love Ireland and we love adventure! Our job is to show you the beauty, the heritage, and the history of the country from a truly unique perspective, while importantly to us respecting the environment and leaving no trace of ever passing through this beautiful land.

Our small but dynamic team will deliver you a bespoke Adventure Experience like nothing you have ever done before. Get out of your comfort zone and into your “adventure zone” as we take you on a journey hiking to the summits of stunning mountains, kayaking down through the picturesque valleys on our beautiful yet exciting rivers, or even on into our magical marine wildlife packed ocean along the stunning south-east coastline and into the recesses of amazing sea caves on our fun filled Sea kayak Experience.

Whether you are seeking a quick adventure fix or a more adventurous challenge to sink your teeth into- we have an Experience for you. You can take part in our adventure activities or you can build your own adventure. Click on the Experience Tours tab for our full list of offerings or feel free to drop us a line to discuss your own ideas.

Whatever route you choose- rest assured you will be part of our team and we will provide you with all the guidance and equipment you need to get your adventure on! We cater for all levels of experience and we will make sure your adventure is perfect for you.

Discover the true beauty, the secrets, and experience the real culture of Ireland by adventuring off the beaten track with us. See the sights from a truly unique perspective and at the end of a fun filled day, interact with the locals and experience the meaning of “the craic” in an Irish pub and maybe even develop a taste for the black stuff.

Meet Our Adventure Gang


Green_Tourism_logoThe Irish experience is committed to sustainable and responsible tourism as well as taking responsibility for our actions while in the great outdoors. As a proud member of the Irish Wildlife Trust we are committed to raising awareness of Ireland’s rich natural heritage and protecting it for future generations. IWT

We are also a firm believer and active member in the Green Tourism business scheme. We believe that sustainable tourism protects environments, respects local cultures, supports communities, conserves natural resources and minimises pollution.

Choosing a Green Tourism member means you are supporting a business that is positively working towards being sustainable; one which is accountable and genuine in its approach.

Come and join The Irish Experience. Make it Mór!