Sexwax Air Freshener

Sexwax Air Freshener

100% genuine Sexwax car air fresheners, known for their very long lasting scent.

Bring the smell of Mr. Zog’s Sexwax into your car, office, or home with Sexwax Air Fresheners.

  • Coconut scented

Why is is called Sexwax?

In the beginning, Zog asked friend and artist Hank Pitcher to design a label for the new surf wax. Not one to shy away from controversy, Hank came up with a visually intriguing logo bearing the name “Sex Wax”. Hank liked the name because it sounded phonetically cool. Zog liked it because it was attention-grabbing, absurd, and a great spoof on Madison Avenue’s not so subtle attempts to use sex to sell a product.

Naming the product “Sex Wax” has led to some hilarious misunderstandings, some great stories, and some amazing letters from satisfied but confused customers. There are those who have been offended by the name and refused to purchase the product. There are those who have banned the display of the logo at schools and family amusement parks. And then there are those who read the label and smile with the knowledge that the world needs all the humour it can get.

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