Neo Buoyancy Flex Jammer 5.3 – Unisex – Zoggs

Neo Buoyancy Flex Jammer 5.3 – Unisex – Zoggs

The Zoggs Buoyancy Flex Jammer 5.3 Short Wetsuit is specifically designed for open-water training and competitions. The jammers lift your hips helping you just like a wetsuit, creating an effect similar to the Pull Buoy and getting a correct position in the water, but allowing you to swim and turn naturally. Buoyancy Flex Jammers have an extremely flexible 5mm Glideskin front base On the back, double 3 mm lining improves abrasion resistance.




  • Drawstrings at the waist
  • Unisex
  • Extremely flexible base in GLIDE SKIN 3 mm neoprene
  • High mobility and minimal water resistance
  • Material: 90% neoprene, 8% nylon and 2% polyester

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