Coastal Canyoneering (Coasteering) Experience


Coastal Canyoneering (Coasteering) Experience


  • Hook Head in Wexford is the #1 Best Location in Ireland for this Awe-Inspiring thrill-seeking Coasteering Adventure!
  • An All-In-One Outdoor Adventure Experience where we use the Foreshore as Our Adventure Playground!
  • Cliff-Jumping from a Variety of Different Coastal Features into Pristine Turquoise Water will make you Feel Alive! We Start Small and Grow your Confidence as we go
  • Explore and Enter Secret Sea Caves which cant be Accessed by land
  • Seaweed Aqua Slides! Our Smooth Natural Limestone Slabs are Outrageous! Mother Natures Waterslide is the Best
  • Why Climb Back onto Land when we can Swell-Ride! We use the Hydraulic Lift of the Ocean to maximum and make Coasteering Easy
  • Experience the Ancient Limestone Sea Stacks, Caves & Beautiful Arches from a truly unique point of view!
  • Discover Amazing Secret Lagoons that you could Never Have Known Existed.
  • Swimming Tunnels will get your Adrenaline Pumping
  • More than Meets the Eye! Discover wildlife, Geology, Fossils, and Biodiversity at Close Quarters, an Intimacy that Coastal Walkers Can’t Experience
  • We Provide High-Quality Equipment and Professional & Fun Coasteering Guides
  • Cosy & Warm! – Our Wetsuits are Thick and Super Warm, Even for you Ice Queens Out There
  • You Won’t Forget the Fantastic Memories with You, and Your Family and Friends will Have Forever
Coasteering Hook Head Wexford

Epic Coasteering Experience – Thrilling Jumps & Secret Caves

Coastal Canyoneering, or just “Coasteering” at Hook Head in Wexford, is a genuinely unique, action-packed adventure and a fascinating experience! If you like adventure experiences you can’t afford to miss this.
We will kit you out like ironman, including wonderfully warm and cosy 5mm adventure wetsuits for maximum comfort. This allows you to experience this extraordinary adventure without having to worry about getting cold.
You’ll observe a safety briefing from your brilliant pro guides before setting off. You’ll Experience the sheer thrill of jumping off ancient limestone stacks into the beautiful clear turquoise waters of the Celtic Sea.
Swim through out-of-this-world Secret Sea Caves and under stunning Limestone Arches. Then Slip and Slide down the natural smooth limestone seaweed slides in this “waterpark” as you’ve never seen before. Led by your local guide, we will traverse our way along Hook Head’s awe-inspiring foreshore coastline while surrounded by stunning seascapes and jaw-dropping geographical features.

Coastal Canyoneering | Coasteering Adventure in Wexford is So Much More than Meets the Eye

It’s not just about jumping in with your eyes closed! Keep your eyes open and you’ll see the local wildlife, Seals, Porpoises, Dolphins, Gannets, Starfish, and other amazing creatures! The geology here is incredible. The foreshore area we use for coasteering is not assessable on your own and has abundant exposures of Carboniferous rocks containing beautifully preserved fossils which you will discover with us as we go. Exploring all this at close quarters is an intimacy that can’t be experienced without us!


We’re based on the stunning Hook Peninsula, which is a beautiful outcrop of rugged land that jolts out of the southwest Wexford coast. We have a diverse mix of magnificent natural landscapes. Sandy beaches, hidden coves, rugged cliffs, and low-lying limestone slabs reach out of the Atlantic Ocean. The Hook Peninsula is famous for our Sea Cave Kayaking Experience and is home to the oldest operational lighthouse in the world! (800+ Years). The Hook Lighthouse still stands proud at Hook Head, completely intact.

What To Bring

  • Bottle of Water
  • Runners you Don’t Mind Getting Wet
  • Arrive Wearing Bathing Suit / Togs for Under your Wetsuit (Please avoid cotton)
  • Old Shorts to Wear Over your Wetsuit (We Can Provide)
  • Towel (Can be Rented from our Booking Office)
  • Waterproof Sun cream
  • Remove all Jewellery at Home Before you Arrive. It is Not Possible to Participate wearing Rings etc

What Is Included

  • Full Lenght 5mm Adventure Wetsuit for Super Warmth
  • Coastal Canyoneering Safety Gear – Helmet & Buoyancy Aid
  • Qualified Guide to Lead You Every Step of the Way
  • Post Experience Snack
  • Post Experience Hot Chocolately Drink

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check availability and book my experience?
You can view Live Availability and book in by clicking the “Book now!” button at the top and bottom of this page. Choose the date and time of your preference and available times and the number of spaces available will be displayed. Fill in your personal details and complete payment to confirm your reservation. You will receive a confirmation email within minutes, if not, please check your spam folder and mark it as “not spam” as you will also receive an important reminder email.
When should I arrive and what is the starting location?
For Coasteering, you should arrive at Slade Harbour 30 minutes before the tour start time stated on your ticket.
What is the minimum age?
The minimum age for this experience is 12 years old* *Participants aged 12 - 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
What level of fitness do I need?
You will need to be in good physical health, but don’t have to be extremely fit to take part.
Do I need to be able to swim?
You don't need to be a good swimmer, we fully kit you out so you become a floating indestructible human! Basic swimming i.e doggy paddling / breaststroke is made easy once in our gear! It is recommended that you have a little confidence in the water but a guide will always be near you
I have never done Coasteering / Coastal Canyoneering before, can I still do it?
Most people who join our Coastal Canyoneering (Coasteering) sessions have never done any Coasteering before, and this is absolutely fine. You will receive instructions before you hit the water, and the guides will be with you along the way.
Is it safe?
When it comes to outdoor activities there is always a certain amount of risk involved, however, we have worked hard to minimize these risks. Your safety is our main priority; our equipment is of the highest quality and is replaced when necessary. Furthermore, all our guides are highly experienced and fully qualified. Rings and all jewellery must be removed for participation, as wearing jewellery, espectially rings is not safe.
Do I have to do the jumps?
Not at all, you don’t have to do all the jumps if you don’t feel up for it, however, we are here to help you step out of your comfort zone, so we will always give you the option to challenge yourself, but we will never make you do anything you are not happy to do.
Do you have showers, toilets and changing rooms?
There are toilets available at Slade Harbour, but no shower facilities, unfortunately. We highly recommend you come to the meeting point with your swimwear on underneath your clothing to make the transition into wetsuits easier, as there are no changing rooms at the location.
Do minimum numbers apply for the experience to go ahead?
Yes, a minimum of 4 participants must be booked in for this experience to go ahead. If this is not the case we will be in touch to reschedule.
Do you do private group tours?
We certainly do, for more information you can click here and contact us via [email protected] . For more Frequently Asked Questions click HERE

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