2mm Neoprene Wetboots / Aquashoes – Osprey

2mm Neoprene Wetboots / Aquashoes – Osprey

These OSX Aqua Wetsuit Boots provide grip in and out of the water, helping protect feet from abrasions and unpleasant close encounters with the jagged parts of reefs, hidden rocks, disgruntled crabs, weaver fish, and shattered shells. The boots are made from a hardwearing thermoplastic rubber (TPR) sole, providing excellent grip for wading and walking about in the water.

The slip-on boots use adjustable ankle straps to secure them to the foot and come in a variety of sizes for girls and boys. The Osprey Adults Aqua Boots are a must-have piece of surf gear and a great addition to a wetsuit to help keep feet warm in cooler water.

Extra Light and flexible construction made from 2mm neoprene. The hardwearing TPR sole provides great grip & protects your feet whilst the adjustable ankle straps provide a perfect fit and avoid water reaching inside the boot. Perfect to be worn throughout all water sports.



  • Extra light and Flexible- made from 2 mm neoprene
  • Hardwearing TPR sole provides ideal grip and protects your feet
  • Avoid water ingress with adjustable ankle straps
  • Flatlock stitching and multi-panel design
  • Suitable for all water sports

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