3mm Adult Wetsuit (Black/Navy/Grey/Light Blue) – Osprey Origin

3mm Adult Wetsuit (Black/Navy/Grey/Light Blue) – Osprey Origin

  • 3 mm neoprene on the body and 2 mm under the arms for full range of motion
  • Entirely flat-locked seams and ergonomic panelling for maximum comfort
  • Stretch collar and comfortable anti-rub openings to prevent chafing and water flushing
  • Supratex patches on knees make it easy to kneel, even on rocky surfaces
  • Wind-resistant mesh panelling on chest and back offer protection from the elements



The Osprey Origin Navy Wetsuit is Osprey’s entry-level wetsuit for men. A great value beginner and intermediate wetsuit for when you are passed the stage of hiring one from your local surf shop.

Despite the very low price point, this wetsuit doesn’t compromise on features and style. Specifications include ultra-flex neoprene, chest & back windshields, anti-rub & sealed openings to avoid chafing & water flushing, ergonomic panelling for a superior aesthetic fit, flatlock seams and rubberised knee pads.

A 3/2mm wetsuit means the Osprey Origin has panels of 3mm thick warm insulating rubber, with 2mm panels under the arms, where increased flexibility and stretch for paddling and surfing is required. A 3mm full-length wetsuit is the standard thickness for a warm summer wetsuit in the UK and Ireland, and may be suitable right into winter for parts of Southern Europe like France and Spain. Include Osprey’s unique black and navy blue design, you’re sure to be noticed as you’re warming up on the shoreline.

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