37″ Bodyboard – Interceptor – Red – Osprey

37″ Bodyboard – Interceptor – Red – Osprey

  • Designed for boarders looking to progress, this board offers enhanced speed, manoeuvrability and control
  • Made with a low resistance HDPE slick, XPE deck and EPS core – lightweight and durable hydrodynamic board
  • Crescent tail gives you increased control when riding waves
  • Comes with a fitted leash plug and coiled wrist leash so you can always keep your board with you
  • With a length of 37inches/93.98cm, this bodyboard is perfect for both kids and adults

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The Osprey Interceptor Body Board features an EPS Core to improve its durability. Unlike other Osprey Body Boards, the interceptor has a crescent tail. The design greatly increases hold on the wave, making it ideal for drop-knee riders. Control is further boosted by the Interceptor’s channels. The channels increase surface space in critical areas and allow it to have better hold on the waves. The wave riding experience is further enhanced by the Interceptor’s HDPE Slick Design. Speed is increased and enables a smoother trajectory on the water. The Interceptor even comes with a leash! It won’t get lost at sea or pick up any nasty dings from rocky outcrops, when you end up doing the spin cycle! The Interceptor is available in bright blue, rage red and sunny yellow. With three different sizes (33, 37 and 41 inch). with each design featuring a funky black and yellow Osprey logo and the name Interceptor in big, brash font. The interceptor is a strong, striking bodyboard that packs a punch!


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