33″ Bodyboard – Shockwave – 2 Styles – Yello

33″ Bodyboard – Shockwave – 2 Styles – Yello


  • Yello 33 Inch Slick Shockwave XPE Bodyboard with Leash, also available in size 41″
  • An ideal beginners board for kids and youngsters looking to develop their skills in the water
  • Low resistance HDPE Slick, XPE Deck and EPS Core: Lightweight and durable with a smooth underside for speed and a smoother trajectory on the water
  • Crescent tail gives you increased control when riding waves
  • Leash included to stop your board drifting away
  • Length – 33in / 84cm, Width – 18.75in / 48cm

Original price was: €34.99.Current price is: €27.99.



The Yello 33″ Slick Shockwave Bodyboard features a bold deck print with a bright and eye-catching design. The bodyboard’s smaller size is ideal for bodyboard beginners and those looking to improve their skills once they have mastered the basics. The XPE deck and EPS core gives great durability and grip. Combined with a low resistance PP slick base, this boogie board will give you an easy glide through the water, for an enhanced body boarding experience. The crescent tail give you increased control when riding waves. Comes with a coiled wrist/ankle leash strap and a fitted leash plug to make sure you always keep your board close to you.

Product Size: H84cm x W47cm x D5.5cm

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